Summer School Regulations For Participation

A good mix of Europeans, Asians and other international participants for an exciting summer school experience. Open Registration to:-

  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate students
  • Academics from higher education institutions
  • Anyone interested in the theme
  • Researches from the social sciences, humanities and other disciplines
  • Company executives and NGO personnel interested in cross-cultural management

Summer School participating students are required to fulfill the following condition:

  1. Students can choose either to participate Summer School  in Malaysia or Summer School in Ireland or both.


General Participation

Summer School stipulate the following requirements regarding program participation.

  • Individual applications for the Summer School must be made through the online application form by the published application deadline.
  • Summer School will NOT approve any absence for reasons other than unforeseen illness or accident. If a student is absent from a class for other reasons, the Summer School committee will not authorize the student’s completion of the programme.
  • Students whose attendance falls below the minimum attendance requirements as a result of unauthorized absences may not be eligible to undertake the final assessment. Any admission to the final assessment where the minimum attendance requirements have not been met shall be at the discretion of the Head of the Summer School.
  • Summer School participants, in principle, must attend all study trips organised by AEI/UL.
  • When absence is unavoidable due to unforeseen illness or accident, the student must inform the AEI/UL office of his/her absence before the concerned class starts.
  • All fees paid will not be refunded.