Tentative Programme Schedule

Tentative programme schedule for University of Malaya’s component. May subject to change.

Venue: Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

DAY 1: 11th June (Tuesday)
8.30am:Breakfast at AEI (provided)
9.00am:Briefing session at ASEM Room, AEI
9.30am:Welcoming remarks by Professor Dr. Azirah Hashim, Executive Director of AEI
9.45am:AEI video
10.00am:Photo session
10.30am:Introduction: About Malaysia
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
2.00pm:Module: “Malaysia: The Road to Nationhood”
4.20pm:Visit to the Museum of Asian Arts, University of Malaya
5.30pm:Free and easy
DAY 2: 12th June (Wednesday)
8.30am:Breakfast at AEI (provided)
9.00am:Introduction about ASEM & Education Process
10.30pm:Module: “Indigenous Society in Malaysia”
12.30pm:Lunch (provided)
2.00pm:Module: “The Peranakans of Malaysia”
4.00pm:Learn about Asia through crafts & activities
6.00pm:Kayaking at the Varsity Lake, University of Malaya
DAY 3: 13th June (Thursday)
8.30am:Breakfast at AEI (provided)
9.00am:Module: Lecturer from LU
11.00am:Cultures and Identities in Europe
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
1.00pm:Board bus to Kuala Lumpur
1.30pm:Visit to Merdeka Square
2.00pm:Visit to the Ethnology of the Malay World Museum
4.00pm:Visit to Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
5.30pm:Board bus to University of Malaya/ Free & easy
DAY 4: 14th June (Friday)
8.30am:Breakfast at AEI (provided)
9.00am:Module: lecturer from LU
11.00am:Group Discussion
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
2.30pm:Module: The Challenges of Multiculturalism in Asia and Europe
4.30pm:Group Discussion
5.30pm:Free & easy
DAY 5: 15th June (Saturday)
7.30am:Breakfast (provided)
8.30am:Board bus to Melaka
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
2.00pm:Kampung  games & activities (outdoor)
6.00pm:Free and easy
8.00pm:Cultural Activities
DAY 6: 16th June (Sunday)
Module: Cultural and Heritage Tourism
8.00am:Breakfast (provided)
8.30am:Board bus to Melaka City
9.00pm:Walkabout around the UNESCO world heritage sites;
A’Famosa, St. Peter’s Church, St. Paul Hill & etc.
11.00am:Melaka River Cruise
11.40pm:Viewing Melaka Panorama at Taming Sari Tower
12.00pm:Lunch & Dinner by own convenience/ Free and easy/ Playing tourist
3.00pm:Board bus to Kuala Lumpur
*Meeting point: Melaka Taming Sari Tower
4.00pm:Board bus to Kuala Lumpur
DAY 7: 17th June (Monday)
8.00am:Breakfast at AEI (provided)
8.30am:Board van to Dewan Tunku Chancellor, UM
9.00am:Module: “Cultural Diversity in Asia: Music and Movements”
11.00am:Board van to AEI
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
12.30pm:Board bus to Tean Hou Temple
1.30pm:Board bus to Batu Caves
3.00pm:Board bus to KLCC
4.00pm:Visit to the Petronas Twin Towers
4.30pm:Visit to the Petronas Gallery
5.30pm:Board bus to Rebung Restaurant
6.30pm:Closing Dinner

Tentative programme schedule for University of Limerick’s component. May subject to change.

Venue: University of Limerick, Ireland

20th – 22nd June 2019 (Thursday – Saturday)
24th Conference of the International Association for World Englishes
University of Limerick, Ireland
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24th June 2019 (Monday)
9.30am:Overview of programme and finalisation of week’s events (Dr Máiréad Moriarty)
10.00am:Welcoming remarks by Prof Helen Kelly Holmes, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Limerick
10.45 – 12.00 pm:Introduction to European Union (Dr Frederic Royale)
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
1.00pm – 4.00pm:Module 1 : Ireland and Brexit (Dr Frederic Royale)
4.00pm:Free and easy
25th June 2019 (Tuesday)
9.30am:Module 2: Multiculturalism and Linguistic Diversity (Dr Máiréad Moriarty)
12.30pm:Lunch (provided)
2.00pm – 5.00pm:Practical session: Linguistic landscape of Limerick City Centre (Dr Máiréad Moriarty)
26th June 2019 (Wednesday)
9.30am:Module 3 : by University of Malaya lecturer
11.00am – 12.30 pm:Module 4: Commodification of identity: ASEAN and European perspectives (Prof Helen Kelly Holmes)
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
1.00pm:TOUR (Cliffs of Moher)
27th June 2019 (Thursday)
9.30am:Module 5: Race and gender in contemporary Ireland (Prof Eoin Deverux)
11.30am – 12.30pm:Group Discussion: Repeal the 8th-Womens’ voice in 21st century Ireland
2.00pm:Introduction to Gaelic games
5.00pm:Lecture – Jigs to Jacobites
6.00pm:Free & easy
28th June 2019 (Friday)
10.00am – 12.00pm:Module 6: by University of Malaya lecturer
12.00pm:Lunch (provided)
2.00pm:ULAC – SUP activity
7.00pm:Closing of Summer School and BBQ
29th June 2019 (Saturday)
Day trip:Travel to Dublin (Tour and airport)