Due to unforeseen circumstances, AEI-ASEM Summer School 2019 has been postponed to next year. Thank you.

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Testimonials From Previous Participants

  • Aaron Denison
    There are experiences which happen once in a lifetime but they are so unique that they leave a lasting mark on you. The Summer school both in Kuala Lumpur and Brussels was one of them for me because of the incredible opportunity to meet passionate young people full of ideas from all over the world and to spend three unforgettable weeks with them exploring the peculiarities of the European and South-East Asian culture, historical heritage and, of course, delicious cuisine.Those were three rewarding and personally enriching weeks for me during which not only did I learn a lot thanks to the diverse academic lectures but also through peer-to-peer sharing and experiencing for myself the differences and similarities between the Malaysian and Belgium multicultural societies.
    Yordanka Vasileva Dimcheva (2017)
  • Manuel Eduardo De La Paz
    We definitely didn't just learn about biodiversity and cultural heritage, but we also learn about how to be a good leader by soft skill exercise and we also visit some amazing places in Malaysia like Putrajaya, frim, Melaka, and so on. So, we can get a great opportunity to learn about the richness and diversity of Asian culture.
    Vira Maulina (2015)
  • Kevin Abimanyu Jatmiko
    Malay people are really friendly and peaceful. Malaysia has lots of nationality like Malay, Chinese and India and they respect each other even though they have a different religion. It is very different from the Middle East and other countries. In Malaysia, they can live harmoniously next to each other without any conflict.
    Veronika Mazankova (2016)
    Czech Republic
  • Kevin Abimanyu Jatmiko
    The AEI-ASEM Summer School was a great opportunity to learn in-depth about the different facets of Malaysia. It was a great mix of seminars, cultural activities and sightseeing. Lecturers from both Malaysia and abroad taught on various subjects ranging from history, culture, business and current affairs. They shared their knowledge and experiences with us. From the heights of the Petronas Towers, the buzzing metropolis of KL, to the country side of Negeri Sembilan and the historic city of Melaka we were able to experience Malaysia's diversity as a country. Besides what was learned, the shared experiences and memories will be remembered for the years to come. With seven different nationalities participating we did not only enjoyed learning about each other's culture and lifestyle but shared many moments of fun and laughter.
    Timotheus J. Krahl (2016)
  • Tansiyavong Phannapha

    The AEI Summer School has been giving me a lot of knowledge, opportunities and experiences. I learnt a lot about cultural diversity in Malaysia.

    Tansiyavong Phannapha (2018)
  • Manuel Eduardo De La Paz
    …being a group of 9 people brought enrichment instead of impoverishment, because we really stuck together and created life-long relationships, teaching each other about our cultural backgrounds and sharing our interests and dreams.  I really treasured the conversation and discussions held to improve a project that was perfect with its imperfections.
    Noemi Spatola (2015)
  • Kevin Abimanyu Jatmiko
    I am impressed with the Malay culture and history because it is so unique and different from my Japanese culture. I never have a chance to be friend with Muslim people before, but after knowing them, I believe we should respect their culture and vice versa. This is one of the precious experience for me because I get to know about other culture. I am able to exchange knowledge and experiences through this AEI-ASEM Summer School programme.
    Nakanishi Moe (2016)
  • AEI-ASEM Summer School 2018
    The AEI Summer School has been an enriching and intellectually stimulating experience.  It has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity – providing me with opportunities to learn about Malaysia and the world amidst a wonderful group of like-minded students. Highly recommended!
    Nabil Khairul Anwar (2018)
  • Manuel Eduardo De La Paz
    As a biologist, I would say that I expected more on the biodiversity modules because I know there are still more that Malaysia can offer. Culturally, I was very refreshed with each experience. As a Filipino Catholic, it was enlightening to be exposed to a lot of Muslim culture, since I am seldom exposed to it back home. I gained a new appreciation towards Muslim culture. And the best part is gaining new friends from the camp and eating a lot of delicious spicy Malaysian food. I will definitely recommend this to all my colleagues next year.
    Manuel Eduardo De La Paz (2015)
  • Kevin Abimanyu Jatmiko
    I am really enjoying everything in this summer school programme, especially about the culture sharing with other participants on the different background and culture experiences. We learn a lot from each other and we respect our differences in culture. I am also really enjoy having a good relationship with every participants. AEI-ASEM Summer School is one of the best experience in my life.
    Kevin Abimanyu Jatmiko (2016)
  • Aaron Denison
    AEI-ASEM Summer School gives me opportunity not only to learn serious stuff such as regionalism and multiculturalism, but also gives me the opportunity to understand the people. The friendship that is created by this event would last a lifetime!
    Ghifari Athallah Ramadhan (2017)
  • Elliot Miles

    This summer school has been an amazing opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and learn more about Asia.  In the UK we aren’t always exposed to Asian culture or politics.  For example, before coming to Malaysia I had never heard of ASEAN.  Global awareness is really important in a globalising world so the overall experience has been very rewarding.  Overall, I would recommend this to everyone, plus have made some lifelong friends.

    Elliot Miles (2018)
    United Kingdom
  • Aaron Denison
    What an incredible two weeks! I have made some incredible friends and met some frankly fascinating people. Malaysia is a beautiful country that I luckily have not left quite yet. It has such a rich past and present that I am so fortunate to have had the chance to learn about and experience. So many insightful lectures, field trips, and of course the two day Asia Europe conference, have given me much food for thought (and perhaps some inspiration for my thesis!!!)
    Antonia Gough (2017)
    United Kingdom
  • Aaron Denison
    The AEI-ASEM Summer School was a great opportunity even for myself as a Malaysian to have an in depth knowledge about Malaysia especially in terms of history from different perspectives during the different modules. In addition to that, the summer school also allowed to widen my network as we had participants from various countries. It was great that I was able to dialogue and share inputs as well as different opinions with these participants. These networks also allowed me to widen my knowledge about the different countries that were represented during the summer school. It also definitely bridged the gap between Asia and Europe as we were able to learn a lot from each other. Furthermore, the program in Brussels too was enlightening as i was able to experience diversity in one of the EU countries and sort of compare it to the diversity in Malaysia. It was similar to a certain extend but there were definitely differences too. In all the summer school most importantly provided the participants with lifelong friendships as most of us almost spent three weeks learning and travelling together. The summer school will always be an unforgettable experience for me personally as it enabled me to meet many inspiring and passionate young people who would one day contribute to their respective countries.
    Aaron Denison (2017)

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Looking forward to having you join us in June 2019. Experience the multiculture of Malaysia & Ireland!